Why We're Here



The problems of chronic unemployment and generational poverty go hand in hand, especially in the city of Milwaukee.  Consider these facts:


  • Milwaukee ranks as the fourth poorest city in the United States


  • The unemployment rate for African Americans in Milwaukee is 55%


  • Over 40% of African Americans in Milwaukee live below the poverty threshold


  • Milwaukee’s crime rate is double the national average


  • Over 40% of African American males in Milwaukee (ages 20-54) have been incarcerated


Too many people in Milwaukee’s central city face significant barriers to long-term employment—unsuccessful work experiences, addictions, criminal records, limited education, housing instability, and lack of access to transportation, among others. Chronically unemployed and underemployed people lose hope in the system, and in themselves, which makes those barriers even harder to overcome.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and effective pathway to self-sufficiency for motivated individuals in Milwaukee. As part of this effort, we provide dependable employees and business support for small businesses. At the same time we collaborate with anchor institutions and give them an opportunity to support the community through business development.


Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, September 28, 2010