How we work


Using proven programs from Chicago and Cincinnati as our model, Milwaukee JobsWork is a collaborative of dedicated business and community leaders who offer a new pathway to alleviate chronic unemployment in our city. We provide job readiness training and ongoing support through finding and staying in a job. Plus we prepare individuals to advance so they can achieve economic self-sufficiency.  We have strong connections with community small businesses, as well as access to some of the largest anchor institutions in the city. We’re a hands on organization in which staff members remain directly involved with individuals and businesses from start to finish. Participants and business partners know they can work with the key decision makers without a lot of red tape. We see the need for more effective employment efforts and have the desire, drive and experience to make a real difference in our city. 

Why we're different


Milwaukee JobsWork provides a pathway that leads to self-sufficiency through sustained employment. We’re not a job service that helps people find a job and then walks away. We work with motivated individuals through the assessment, training, and placement AND through the employment period to help prevent or reduce potential problems on the job. Our goal is to keep participants employed and advance their careers in long term jobs. 

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