<p align="Left"><b><font size="4">The Need Is Great. But We're Making a Difference.</font></font><b><br><br> <span style="color:#FFFFFF"><font size="2.5">Milwaukee JobsWork understands the barriers to long-term employment. Government programs help, but they only go so far. That’s why we take a holistic approach to involve business and community leaders to work with motivated individuals.</font></p>

<p align="Left"><font size="4">We Help People Get a Job and Keep It.</font><br><br> <span style="color:#FFFFFF"><font size="2.5">Milwaukee JobsWork provides job readiness training AND ongoing support through finding and staying in a job. Our goal is finding a job that provides at least one year of continual employment. We work with the employee and employer to make that a reality.</font></p>

<p align="Left"><font size="4">A Different Path To Relieve Chronic Unemployment.</font><br><br> <span style="color:#FFFFFF"><font size="2.5">Milwaukee JobsWork collaborates with businesses and the community to help people achieve better lives through long-term employment. We offer training, networking and support to help chronically unemployed and underemployed people achieve self-sufficiency.</font></p>


<p align="Left"><font size="4">A Business Solution To Societal Problems.</font><br><br> <span style="color:#FFFFFF"><font size="2.5">Milwaukee JobsWork supports Milwaukee small businesses as a source of qualified employees, providing business management and advice, coordinating business relationships with potential customers and assistance in obtaining capital to support the business.</font></p>

Milwaukee JobsWork prepares and encourages motivated individuals living in poverty to achieve economic self-sufficiency through sustainable employment.